Nu Hoof Maximizer Testimonials

Being a farrier, I see all kinds of conditions in my practice, with Nu-Hoof Maximizer I have seen a significant increase in the quality of the hoof capsule, stronger tougher walls that hold nails, and thicker, healthier soles with reduced bruising. I use it on my own horses and recommend it to all my clients. Bruce P Warrrenton, VA


My horse’s hoof would break out badly and her shoes would not stay on. She was laid up many times because of it. Nu-Hoof Maximizer completely solved the problem quickly. I am impressed with your product and recommend it to anyone. Shanna B Bishop, CA


My vet recommended Nu-Hoof Maximizer and within 3 months time my ladies had NEW FEET!! My Farrier said that if he hadn’t been working on them all along he never would have believed it. Kathy D Somerset CA


Since having started both young and aged horses on Nu-Hoof Maximizer, I have found without fail that my horses have grown stronger and healthier hooves faster than ever before. As a direct result of healthy rapid hoof growth, they are better able to withstand the rigors of daily training while at the same time , they are able to recover from existing hoof problems in less time. I have found Nu-Hoof Maximizer to be an asset to my overall feeding program. David H Clements CA


Your Nu-Hoof Maximizer product is a good one. I remember when my Appy foundered. We started feeding Nu-Hoof Maximizer that day, he didn’t have any abscesses. I had never seen anything like that at in all my years around horses. Enos Ossian IN


I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a remarkable story of our recuperation of our halter horse, “Gil” from a serious hoof surgery. Gil had a severe case of White Line Disease in his right front hoof that required the removal of the entire hoof wall up to 1” of the coronet band. Both our vet & farrier recommended Nu-Hoof Maximizer and start feeding it right after surgery. After six months our vet told us that this was an incredibly short time for Gil to grow a new hoof to support his weight. Today Gil is a top point earner and without Nu-Hoof Maximizer, our vet and farrier we would of lost a great horse. Jim S Itasca NY