Nu Image Testimonials

While attending a horse show , I noticed the beautiful coat of another competitor’s horse. I had to ask the owner if there was she used to obtain such a beautiful shine and her response was Nu-Image! She insisted that my Mom get this for me and she did. I have been using it religiously ever since. Sara M Quinton, VA


Rarely do I write a company to tell them what a great product they manufacture, but in your case I had to do so. I have four horses and they are all in excellent health, but their coats did not have the shine (even with bathing and conditioning). I bought Nu-Image and within 3 weeks there was a noticeable difference in the gloss of my horse’s coats. Thanks for making such a great product! Susan B


After my horse start itching and rubbing I gave her Nu-Image and her coat and skin became healthy and supple in short order, and stayed that way. Margo T Edgewood NM


Nu-Image is the best product I have found for my pleasure horse’s. They are not high or buzzed by your supplement. Their hair and coat are slick and shiny as new money. Thanks. Mary M Lancaster CA


I tried Nu-Image and within three weeks my horse’s hair coats improved 100% They shed out the dead hair, after brushing leaving a silky glossy finish. Winning the NSBA high point 3 yr.Old Open Horse and the Roberts Arena Highest Money is a good example of the results of Nu-Image. Nu-Image has made a believer out of me and I can’t imagine how I ever survived without it. JR. S. Lucasville OH


After using Nu-Image you can see noticeable difference in the tail. The tail hair growing in is thicker and his general coat is dappling. This product does premote growth in tails!!!! Julan W Heber Springs AR