Nu-Weight is a high fat and energy source for all horses. Research has shown supplementation of fat in equine diets improves stamina and endurance in horses and increases energy density in the ration. Nu-Weight contains a scientifically formulated blend of Direct-Fed-Microbials, Vegetable Fat, Calcium and Protein which allows the horse to eat less and get more out of its ration. Use Nu-Weight to improve digestive efficiency and nutrient utilization for geriatric horses and hard-keepers that have different nutritional needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Fat Content 65% for Fast and Nutritionally Safe Weight Gain
  • Glycogen Sparing Effect for Better Aerobic Energy Source
  • Direct-Fed Microbials for Maximized Feed Utilization
  • Calcium Fortified- Calcium is Essential for Strong Bones

Nu-Weight™ Product Sizes Available

Nu-Weight 10 LB (40 Day Supply)

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