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Equine Nutrition Products

Tailored Solutions

Select The Best caters to equine health with a range of supplements addressing various needs. Our products include nutritional supplements for overall well-being. Tailored to suit any horse, we ensure comprehensive care from head to hoof, reflecting our commitment to quality and the diverse requirements of horses across all walks of life.

Supporting The Industry

Select The Best is committed to giving back to the equine community, extending support through sponsorship of horse shows, equine events, and rescue operations. While it’s not possible to sponsor every initiative, we make concerted efforts to contribute to as many as we can, helping to foster a thriving horse industry.

Quality Commitment

Select The Best upholds strict quality standards while maintaining operational efficiency to offer affordable prices. As proud members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), we are committed to the highest level of quality assurance in the industry, ensuring our products meet stringent regulatory requirements for the benefit of our customers and the health of their horses.

About Us

Founded over 30 years ago, our mission at Select The Best is to deliver the highest quality and value in equine nutrition products based on extensive research from leading veterinarians and nutritionists. To that end, we’ve developed an expansive product line designed to support optimal equine athletic performance and health.

At Select The Best, we manufacture all our own products using the Best Manufacturing Practices. This includes a stringent quality assurance program that requires all ingredients and finished products to be rigorously analyzed for specific nutrient content. This level of quality has garnered us membership with the National Animal Supplement Council (please see, an organization that strives to improve the caliber of animal supplements on the market today. With these programs in place, you can be confident of the quality of all the Select The Best products we offer.

Featured Products

Confidence in Every Performance

Optimizing Your Horse's Performance Through Science and Nutrition

Horses Need More Nutrition Than Forage Alone Can Provide

Easy keepers get a lot of what they need from forage, but there are some nutrients they need to round it out. Supplementing with concentrated or complete feed will provide those nutrients, but may also give horses more calories than they need. Our select supplements have been scientifically formulated to give your horse the nutritional detail they deserve, filling the gaps in their forage diet.


The joy of a horse's peak performance is a testament to the powerful partnership and hard work shared between horse and rider.

Words from Happy Customers

Select The Best is an Audited Member and approved to use the "Seal of Quality" for more info go to NASC.CC

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