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Nu-Hoof Accelerator™

Nu-Hoof Accelerator is a palatable pelleted Hoof Support formula. It has the perfect blend of B-Vitamins including high levels of biotin, Amino Acids, and Zinpro’s 4-Plex C Mineral/Amino Complex for rapid hoof growth and stronger hoof walls. Nu-Hoof Accelerator is best fed where quick results are needed, or fed to picky horses.

Features & Benefits:

• Biotin and B-Vitamins – Supports Optimal Hoof Growth
• 4-Plex C Mineral/Amino Complex for Faster Stronger Results
Lysine and Methionine – Essential Amino Acids for Protein Utilization and Improved Hoof Strength
• Pelleted – Easy to Chew Stabilized Rice Bran Pellets
• Probiotics for B-Vitamin Uptake

Nu-Hoof Accelerator™

Nu-Hoof Accelerator™ Label Product Sizes

Nu-Hoof Accelerator™ 11 LB (60 Day Supply)

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